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With the company, AS Tech Industrie- und Spannhydraulik GmbH, a company from Geilenkirchen, a machine was developed, which automatically detects the screw connections on components of a wind turbine with respect to their position and then automatically clamps them.

To do this, the position of the bolts is measured and the tool for the clamping process is positioned. The tension is checked and logged.

INperfektion designed and programmed the electrical equipment of the plant.




The company, conradius GmbH & Co.KG, is a modern medium-sized enterprise for special machine construction from Nettetal - Kaldenkirchen.
For the cleaning and cooling of an EGR cooler after the welding process, a system was developed in cooperation.
Here, INperfektion developed the solution for the system’s electrical function, from the design to the wiring and the programming up to the commissioning.





Siemens Logo


INperfektion carried out mechanical / electrical maintenance work on fully automated transport trolleys for Goormann Automation GmbH.
These trolleys transport engines through the factory of a truck manufacturer in Eindhoven (NL), thus securing the production of the engine manufacturer.








The company, GAT - Gesellschaft für Automationstechnik mbH & Co. KG, in Bergkamen specializes in systems, components and complete solutions for mechanical engineering.
As part of an expansion, on an existing system, INperfektion created and subsequently implemented the hardware and software engineering for the implementation of a SCARA robot. The cooperation was rounded off by a successful commissioning.





Tilgert, a mechanical engineering company based in Iserlohn, designs machines and systems for the rolling, cutting, annealing, coating, sorting and transporting of bundles and strips.
INperfektion oversees the electrical planning and implementation of a binding and packaging line.
The range of activities starts with the designing of the switchgear and goes through the programming for commissioning.



INperfektion continuously carries out engineering services for bridging resource bottlenecks for the electrical engineering company, Vortmann, from Schwalmtal. Initially, the collaboration started with the realization of hardware engineering projects. Today, INperfektion also supports the company in software construction solutions right through to commissioning.



SAB-Kessler from Dusseldorf, a company that deals with the planning and development of special machines – mainly on the mounting of screws – SAB uses INperfektion’s hardware and software engineering potential. After completion, special machineries are mainly used by major manufacturers in the automotive industry.



The Düsseldorf-based company for engineering services, mbH, is a successful company for renowned companies in the machine, plant and vehicle construction sector. According to a study, a tender was placed as part of a partner project for Siemens Bahntechnik, for the realization of a production line for the train construction in Krefeld: here, INperfektion is a partner for the provision of the electrotechnical equipment, the measuring technique and for the automation solution of the complete system.



The Mönchengladbach-based machine manufacturing company, ketTEC, commissioned us with the electrification of its portal axis and robot systems (engineering, control cabinets, sensors, motors, gearboxes, system cabling). Here, the required software requirements (for PLC as well as for the drive technology) were fulfilled by us and a corresponding visualization was provided. The scope of tasks also included logistics, installation, integration in the ongoing production process and finally the commissioning.




Through the engineering and the connection of different systems to a control system, INperfektion made it possible for the company CodeWorx GmbH, from Würselen to develop their company web- and cloud-capable applications.



Engineering services in cooperation with SICK AG; joint support for SICK AG’s customers whose industrial plants were checked for safety defects. Subsequently, the installation of appropriate system and safety components (including retrofitting measures such as new control cabinets, wiring and system expansion measures).
The risk and hazard assessments were done in advance by SICK AG, with the engineering services handled by by INperfektion.




INperfektion continuously carries out retrofitting measures for coke oven operating machines at the ArcelorMittal coking plant in Bottrop. These machines are powered by medium voltage lines through a motor-driven cable reel. These are controlled depending on the production process, and motor-driven cable reels which are worn out are being replaced, while INperfektion carries out the adjustments of the automation levels (software engineering). The first two coke oven operating machines have already been successfully put into operation.

The same applies to the revision of a fire truck, which is fed through the interaction of the coke pusher machine and coke transfer cars, and permanently subject to high wear. In the course of the general overhaul, parts of the plant must be renewed, which entail the necessary adjustments within the automation system. Here too, INperfektion is considered as a trusted partner of the process control technology (PLT) at ArcelorMittal Bottrop, in order to make the fire truck fully operational again for its daily tasks.



Support in a multi-week basic engineering process for a coking plant. In the nearest future, a repair project is being planned at another coking plant, where electrical outages have occurred.



For Eschweiler Röhrenwerke GmbH, the automation of a cropping machine in the rolling mill was successfully realized. The activity was previously carried out by an operator who subsequently found another application.



INperfektion looks after joint projects with an associate company, VDT Industrial Automation, such as the Opel car manufacturer in Rüsselsheim. INperfektion provides engineering and assembly services for various production lines in the car manufacturer's plants. The same applies to the procurement of different hardware components, which are necessary for the respective projects and for which INperfektion takes over the responsibility.


INperfektion supports TANN Europe GmbH - a specialist company for exhaust air purification, drying technology, heat recovery and energy supply / production from Essen - with its own hardware engineering in the production of control cabinets. In cooperation with the partner, INperfektion now also coordinates and monitors the construction of the control cabinets and then puts them into operation. A software solution tailored to process operation for a customer of TANN Europe GmbH completes the range of services offered by INperfektion.

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