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Escape Room

Escape Room 2018



Thought of as a team-building measure for colleagues who are partly on assembly, working in the home office and every few weeks someone new is added. A time-out just for the team to get to know their colleagues better and to find their own place.

The colleagues who were admitted to the psychiatric ward had a lot of trouble. All in all, it was a tight thing and they still have to be watched.

The prison inmates were characterized by the will not to leave anyone behind. Their innocence was, of course, sufficiently demonstrated.

All employees showed, as always, their ability to cooperate in a team, to tackle tasks and to master them together. Many different people with different backgrounds and perspectives. High commitment, methodical approach, quick thinking, creative solutions made the evening a real happening.

Even if it gets stressful, as on Friday, and the solution doesn't appear immediately, everyone stands together and pulls it through together.


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