Our Trainees 




Grzegorz Krogulec

IT specialist for application development


In my second year of training, I didn't have much to do with computer science at first, until my computer science teacher at the time made the lessons exciting and showed me how versatile computer science and programming in particular is. So I started programming more and more myself until it became my hobby and I decided to do it professionally.

Sebastian_Azubi_INperfektionSebastian Jung

Electronics technician for automation technology


I am currently in my second year of training. It all started with a school internship I did at INperfektion. From then on, I knew that I wanted to do my training here too.

Azubi_Fabian_INperfektionFabian Schnitzler

Electronics technician for automation technology


I am in the second year of my apprenticeship. My tasks consist

wiring and programming systems. After the apprenticeship, thanks to the many I will specialise in the field of programming.



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