State-of-the-art automation technology for the new gate wings of "Theo's" airship hangar.


In addition to the mechanical design and production, Inperfektion was responsible for the electronic design and production necessary to open the two gigantic gates automatically. Circuit planning, production of the control cabinets and the complete cabling came from a single source.


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Automated production of punching plates with the highest precision


At our customer Wink Stanzwerkzeuge in Neuenhaus, a complex automation task was implemented in cooperation with our partner, the linear technology specialist Rollon.


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Fully automated robot system optimises quality control in the packaging of crankshafts


An optimisation of quality control was achieved by thyssenkrupp Gerlach through an automated packaging process with two Kuka robots for packaging the different types of crankshafts.


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With INperfektion, SEW Eurodrive was involved as a partner in part of this fully automated networked production line. An exemplary application for hygiene requirements.


"Automation 4 You" bundles expertise in linear technology, robotics, motion control and engineering


The automation of processes requires tailor-made solutions. However, everything is rarely available from a single source. That is why the companies Rollon, Kettec, INperfektion and SEW-Eurodrive cooperate within the framework of "Automation 4 You" and develop individual automation solutions together.

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Test bench for company






Turck is a company for factory,

process and logistics automation and a specialist

for smart sensor technology such as angle sensors.

To ensure perfect quality of these sensors

quality of these sensors, the company needs

a system on which the sensors can be subjected

can be subjected to a full test.

To cope with this task the company INperfektion

a perfect partner!

We have constructed a test stand which guarantees

the angular accuracy smaller than 0,004 degree

taking into account the ergonomic requirements of the operator.

ergonomic requirements. Thanks to the sophisticated design

in connection with the most modern sensor and

drive technology, it was possible to achieve

the required repeatability and tolerances

tolerances could be maintained.




INperfektion continuously carries out retrofitting measures for coke oven operating machines at the ArcelorMittal coking plant in Bottrop. These machines are powered by medium voltage lines through a motor-driven cable reel. These are controlled depending on the production process, and motor-driven cable reels which are worn out are being replaced, while INperfektion carries out the adjustments of the automation levels (software engineering). The first two coke oven operating machines have already been successfully put into operation.

The same applies to the revision of a fire truck, which is fed through the interaction of the coke pusher machine and coke transfer cars, and permanently subject to high wear. In the course of the general overhaul, parts of the plant must be renewed, which entail the necessary adjustments within the automation system. Here too, INperfektion is considered as a trusted partner of the process control technology (PLT) at ArcelorMittal Bottrop, in order to make the fire truck fully operational again for its daily tasks.