Motion – spontaneous motion


Each automation solution includes the right drive and the necessary intelligence. Over the entire range of our synergetic possibilities, we supply all the necessary mechatronic components - from the motor to the suitable gear unit - in order to permanently ensure the productivity and thus the success of your plant. Only the best and yet the most economical drive components are good enough for your project, so that you can produce the following day as uninterrupted as possible. Again, we are not manufacturer-bound in our operations and act entirely in the interests of your ideas or the specific task.

We attach great importance to the energy efficiency of your system and help you detect costly "energy leaks". We will be able to find out, and in the shortest time frame, to what extent your existing plant(s) has/have potential for savings. It is not for nothing that the drive systems consume more than two-thirds of the energy potential of most industrial plants. Reason enough for a positive energy balance that pays off right away.