Robotic – Seamless for a perfect interaction


System house with experience

In the course of the optimization or redesigning of a plant, the highest discipline lies in the provision of a complex automation system consisting of the robot and control technology (PLC control).

In order to accomplish such tasks, INperfektion not only offers you a perfectly coordinated team of software, hardware and robotics experts, but will also oversee the smooth commissioning.



Precision in seam sealing (FAD, GAD, UBC)

The variety of bodyworks of individual production lines in the automotive industry is particularly pronounced nowadays - that is why every application system from INperfektion is regarded as being a customer-specific solution.
The process accuracy in the areas of seam sealing and cosmetic fine seams requires a high degree of expertise and individualization. We offer you all the necessary solutions from a single source.


The requirements and objectives of reproduceable application tasks in the automotive sector are generally high. In the field of fine and coarse seam sealing or underbody protection, increasingly flexible and modular automation solutions are required, which can be individually customize for you by INperfektion.

The robotics specialists at INperfektion are very familiar with the smooth implementation and integration of fully automatic application systems for coarse, underbody and fine seam sealing. Thanks to close contacts with the relevant robot manufacturers, they design a wide range of expert systems to implement the most economical solution for you.



Requirement for injectable damping mats (LASD, SAM, NVH)

The introduction of liquid sound insulation by robots has become a global standard in the automotive sector due to its flexibility, cost and weight savings. The areas of application for liquid soundproofing include floor coverings inside the vehicle, wheel arches and the roof and door areas. The robotics experts at INperfektion are prepared for this development and bring along the appropriate know-how in all the disciplines.



Integrated application system






Each application consists of a dosing system, the vision system and the robot. All modules can be easily integrated into the FANUC central robot controller. In particular, the Electro-dispenser integrated in the robot control system for the application process ensures a uniform material supply and removal.

Contactless (Touch-Free) or Not ... Benefit from the highest precision, even when it comes to seam diameters of 2 mm, or when dealing with flat-stream applications of up to 100 mm.

With your handheld programming device (PHG) you have everything in your hand – that is, both the control, operation and diagnostics. This not only gives you pictures of your vision system, but also speeds up commissioning, revision, and troubleshooting.




All in one – central control for shorter processes

It is obvious that with a control system for all processes, you not only save 40% of your space capacity but you also save yourself from costly time losses, since the robotics expert can put the application device as well as the vision system into operation. Efficiency is reflected in an average time saving of 25% per robot, if you waive the modular isolated solutions and instead go for an integrated system for all required applications. Here, INperfektion has more than 25 years of experience in the field of seam sealing.


One control system for your standard PVC and SDM applications with ISD (Integrated Servo Dosing Unit), IPS (Integrated Pneumatic Servo Dosing Unit) and iRVision; the FANUC controller’s integrated vision system).





Schaltschrank1Control cabinet ISD / IPS

Width: 600 mm
Height: 800 mm
Depth: 400 mm



Robot control cabinet

Width: 600 mm
Height: 580 mm
Depth: 470 mm







Well-housed control system: The compact ISD / IPS robot control cabinet with the dimensions W = 60 cm, H = 80 cm, D = 40 cm.



Hole-Covering: It depends on the quality of the closure

Particularly monotonous activities such as the placement of plugs in the bodywork, which is often done manually and sometimes also overhead, is increasingly performed robotically.

The art of automated hole-covering processes is to assign different plug formats to a specific grid, while at the same time responding flexibly and intelligently to deviating construction/production series.




Pre-assembly in our own hall

You will appreciate the fact that the time spent on final assembly remains as low as possible, in order to only perturb the ongoing production at your plant as minimally as possible. Thanks to the pre-assembly in our own hall of approximately 400 square meters, a timely functional and quality inspection of your new robot system prior to its use at its future destination is a significant advantage. At the end, only the fine adjustment during final commissioning will have to be done.