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A successful webinar with Rollon GmbH at our company. Many thanks to the organizer SEW-EURODRIVE and to the many participants, it was a lot of fun. We are already looking forward to the next event in a few weeks.


What was it about?

In times of increasingly uncertain unit number forecasts and growing demand for individualization, today's rigid production processes can no longer cope with the pressure. Rapid adaptability is becoming more and more important and is initiating a rethink. Digitization, modularization and the corresponding networking of complete production processes are therefore the inevitable topics that not only manufacturers themselves but also plant and machine builders have to face. Our partner SEW, together with us and the company Rollon, has shown what Industry 4.0 means for you, what will change for you as a result and how you can help to make production not only more flexible and capable of change, but also more efficient at the same time with fully automated and networked machine modules.